Our specific business mission is to PRODUCE VALUE: for our clients and for ourselves. In that order. We do this through the top-of-the-range specialised engineering services on offer..

We are people who are committed every day to becoming better than we were yesterday. We are aware of the amount of work it takes to highlight ourselves, and we are also aware that such an effort is the best investment one can make for the benefit of ourselves, our families, our organisation and our clients. Do not call us technicians: we are great people with advanced technical skills. And for us every person is “great” from the moment they become AWARE of specific things and situations; PROACTIVE in the sense of considering themselves as the kay player in making things happen; FOCUSED, because they set themselves important goals, and ORGANISED, meaning that they do not give up on the things that matter most or settle for less important ones. It will be exactly our commitment to these dimensions, and to our areas of technical expertise, which will allow our junior associates to become great professionals in the future, and our senior positions to maintain their outstanding level of excellences throughout Italy. There is no need to mention honesty, consistency, humility and volition, because these are such basic predispositions that barely imagining that one does not have them would prevent even just arranging an interview with a prospective new associate. Also, WP professionals are hands-on: they always reach for the heart of the matter. And, last but not least, they enjoy the pleasure of having contributed to creating from scratch something that was not there before. Another important word for the WP professional is FREEDOM. Freedom to make mistakes, because instead of reprimanding we acknowledge the merit in having tried, both the value and promptmess of the response to an error which has been made, as the true benchmark of experience. Freedom to criticise and to receive constructive criticism, because we are aware that this is the necessary step leading to our topmost quality level. We work all the time to define and achieve the right balace between physical fitness, profession, leisure time and family; we are aware that this also calls for the rapid acquisition of technical and managerial skills. Also the economic factor is important: we see this not as an end in itself, but as the natural and definite consequence deriving from the above.

Our organisation belongs to those who work there. And this is the reason why each individual professional, regardless of the position covered, actively participates in constructing the future at WP. This is done through a continuos exchange of feedback, as well as during dedicated briefing session. Each of our professionals can become its owner, if they so wish. We specialise in engineering at the high end of the spectrum, which allows the final client to achieve a sole objective: getting the maximum result possible in respect of the investment made, on schedule. These results are possible based on a few guidelines which are part of the DNA for all our staff members:
ORGANIZATION: through a mindset geared towards orderliness, supported by instruments and methods which make it possible to manage things instead of being managed by them. This is a prerequisite derived from something we guarantee to our stakeholders: punctuality. DISCUSSION and SHARING: ‘putting together’ our intelligence, know-how and specificities is bound to lead us to creating an extraordinary product, which is our final vision. The fundamental instrument in this respect is something called dialogue, supported by standardised sessions and briefs designed for this purpose. For us, everyone’s opionion counts. TRAINING: technical, cognitive and behavioural training go hand in hand here, because it is from thses three components that the true quality level of a WP professional derives. Moreover, we are aware that part of our operational effort should be devoted to the progress of our youngest staff members. Only in this way will it be possible for us to maintain the highest personal and organisation quality standards. ROLES: within WP a clear distinction is made between the various roles, all of them essential, although not all equal in terms of importance. The criteria for access to top management positions is only one: its name is MERIT. And our orgaisation favours, supports and encourages anyone who wishes to reach these positions. MANAGEMENT: WP is not a group of ‘individuals’, it is an organisation acting in an organic and structured manner. In order to do this we understand it is essential to know about some of the meanings and activities typical of management, then to apply these behaviours and methods every day. ECONOMIES: Acting in a totally transparent manner, we discuss together the projects and resulting economies, paying each staff member the right amount depending on the project size, on the effort which has been put in, on the approach to the work completed and on the objectives achieved. If there are serious hitches, we support each other through selftaxation to make sure that possible individual difficulties are less hard to bear.

We do not have clients: we have FANS. They are our managing directors.
And, in any case, our business every day is geared towards creating and maintaining that status.
Of course the first assumption through which we earn this privilege every day is “do unto them as you would have them do unto you”. In this way we are sure to suggest the best possible solutions under the specific circumstances, as well as being diplomatically able to dissuade them if they seem inclined to make a choice which they might regret the next day. We are honoured to be trusted by them, and just as honoured never to have betrayed this trust, whatever the cost. All this does not mean that we never exprienced any trouble; on the contrary: it means is that we have always activated some form of corrective response for any issues, in a prompt and effective manner. This happens because if a client chooses WP, they opt first and foremost for a word which is very close to our heart: TRUST As our collaboration continues, our client is always kept informed about the relevant trend, methods, any criticalities and possible solutions. Anticipating difficulties and solving them as our main operating method helps make sure that our clients always feel carefree. Last but not least, we would like to mention that being able to listen and constantly focus our clients’ expectations, understanding their needs in full, is part of our distinctive and consolidated approach. Our client receives a service which, to date, nobody else is able to offer in our region.
It is a point of pride for us and a privilege we wish to preserve.